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Customer Testimonials
Whippet Coats

Hi! Been meaning to write! My witney whippet coat arrived last week in australia - thanks, it's great  Really pleased. TC

-- T C from Australia


Just to say I have now placed another order as so impressed with the whippet coat and Kalahari dog bed I purchased before Christmas. Having purchased many dog coats in the past, now having a whippet we were finding it difficult to get a correct fitting coat in pet shops. The fit is excellent and we were really impressed with the quality of coat at a very good price! The first week of using we had nothing but rain and our whippet stayed completely dry under her coat! plus very prompt delivery as arrived within 48 hours of my order. The Kalahari bed took a little longer to arrive but this was just before Christmas and has proved to be our whippets favourite bed! (so now ordering another!) again excellent quality for the price.  Thank you N.H.

-- NH from UK

Whippet Coats
Hi Friday Fox,
We ordered a coat for one of our Whippets as his current one was ripped during play. We live in Scotland coats are a must this time of year. Worried about the cold and rain we ordered a replacement coat from Friday Fox on Friday afternoon around 3:30. Much to our amazement the coat arrived at 10:30 the next morning. Wow that was as fast as a whippet.
Thank you very much for your great service and our whippet looks very handsome in his new coat. D.C.

-- D.C. from Scotland

Whippet Coat & Collar
Hi There
Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for super speedy delivery of perfect fitting whippet coats and gorgeous collar!! Tried them on my whippy and he thinks he is the bees knees! Even managed a rapid tail wag!  He say's he can't wait for winter... That's providing I can even drag him off the sofa to get a coat on!! The impulse buy collar is a big hit, fits like a glove. It's like it was made for him!  
So Thank You again from one very satisfied customer and her very satisfied, spolil whippy. K.I. UK

-- K.I. from UK

Whippet wax coat & coller
Thanks for your advice on sizing everything was a perfect fit, and the quality was amazing and delivered the next day. It's so rare to get a great servce these days keep up the good work.

-- M. Fletcher from Cheshire

Westie coats
Dear Sir, we have four westies with skin problems, which means that I clip them every six weeks or so. Not funny during the Swedish winters. One of my Dutch friends was going to order horse stuff from you and asked if I would be interested in some 'Newmarket horse' rugs for the dogs. So I said yes please ! Dogs are truly happy with the rugs and don't they look smart! We ordered also one wax raincoat, just to see what it would look like, and it is beautiful. Not the raincoat season now, but will definitely order three more raincoats at a later date. Fantastic quality, I had almost forgotten such quality still exists!

-- Hanneke Brand from Sweden

Pita Snuggle Bed

Hi, just to say how impressed I am with the pitta snuggle beds. I ordered an extra large which arrived today, my two whippets love it so much they are arguing over who gets to sleep long ways in the cave part so I’ve given in and ordered another large one tonight 😂 here they are earlier when they managed to share for a short while!

-- KS

Albion Throw
Just in time for the snow! Thank you so much it fits perfectly. We just love the Albion blanket. Fabulously British and I can't get over it's thickness and SO warm I didn't even need to light the fire last night!! L.O.

-- LO from Oxfordshire

Lurcher Coat

Dear Friday Fox
Just to say a big thank you for the beautiful coat that came equally beautifully packaged that we ordered for Christmas for our much loved lurcher Orla.
It fitted her perfectly and we had so many comments of admiration about it today on our walk in Whitstable Kent.
Best wishes TB


-- TB from Kent

Terrier Coat

Hi again Iain,

I will take this opportunity feedback on the dog coat, we have tried to get our ageing Jack Russel, Nippa, into 6 or 7 different types of coat without success for several years. Fully expecting Nippa to object to wearing the new coat, we were totally gobsmacked when after putting it on him he carried on as though he had worn it all his life. This obviously is an indication that the design/materials/fit/smell/comfort of the coat are exceptional to a very fussy terrier and his owners. I would happily advise that any owner wishing to get their dog into a coat approach Friday Fox first before wasting time and money on the inferior competition. I have attached pic of Nippa 'modelling'

Best Regards BG

-- BG from UK

Greyhound jackets
Dear Iain The service and quality of the greyhound jackets we had from you was and are amazing from ordering Saturday to receiving them Tuesday and the phone calls in between I will be ordering from you again for all my dogs needs and spreading the word so thankyou for your service ;)) Mark nottingham

-- Mark Foster from Nottingham

Dachshund Coast
I lovedRio's new coat it is perfect for a stylish dachshund and fits properly!

-- Edwina from London


Just like to give you feedback on your delivery of my order . I only ordered it yesterday afternoon and this morning it was delivered. It was like magic. Must be a Guinness Book record. Thanks for your speedy delivery.

-- V.A. from Hampshire

Whippet Coats
Just wanted to say what an excellent service you provide. I ordered a Quilted Whippet Coat for my larger whippet and it arrived in no time. I was so impressed with the fit that I ordered two Waterproof Whippet Polos early the following Monday morning and they arrived by lunchtime on Tuesday. So fast, and such a good fit. Our two dogs look so smart in their new coats. Thank you. I'm sure I will be back to order another Quilted Whippet Coat for my little one soon. Linda Styles.

-- Linda Styles from United Kingdom

Whippet coats

These coats are great quality & a fantastic fit. My whippet Mo has a warm wax jacket & a fleece that suit him perfectly. The service is exemplary & his coats were delivered quickly. I already have other purchases in mind! Highly recommended. H.W.

-- HW from UK

Italian Greyhound Coats
Hi Iain
The coats arrived this morning - thank you so much they are beautiful!  Fabulous design, fabric is gorgeous and beautifully made and they fit perfectly.  
Photo will follow when it stops raining.
Kind regards 

-- SP

Whippet Coat
Dear Iain,
Just a belated thank you for an impressively quick and efficient service, which I will use again when the need arises. The coat fits perfectly, and our whippet, who thinks she's royalty anyway, looks very posh.
Kind regards, JW

-- JW

Witney Coat

Just to say thanks for a great quality product and speedy delivery, much appreciated. Meesha loves her new coat and got loads of positive comments whilst out on her walk. Thanks again and look forward to more purchases.

-- NH

Snuggle Beds & Coats
Hi Iain, Thank you for delivering Monty & Dobby's Snuggle Beds and Winter Coats. The Beds are perfect for Whippets and they don't need a Blanket. The Coats are good quality and they look great. An Excellent Service. Best Regards, AW

-- AW from UK

Witney Horse Blanket

"I got the second blanket today. They are so very beautiful!!!! I want to thank you very much of taking care of our order so well. The delivery was fast and you answeared our e-mails right away. We both are very pleased and will recommend you to our friends in Finland."

Kind regards,  PV

-- P V from Finland

Dog coat
Thank you so much for the wonderful dog coat for Smartie. Unlike other dog coats that I have bought for him, this one fits beautifully and actually stays in place when he is running around. He was really snug in the snow this morning! Thank you also for the very rapid exchange after I ordered the totally wrong size!

-- Samantha Foster from Northumberland

greyhound Extreme
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery ( 24hrs ) of my Whippet, Will 's 24" Greyhound extreme coat. it is a perfect fit. The quality of the coat is fantastic. He'd grown out of the 20 " I bought last year. That one has been passed to Whippet rescue It had been washed so many times as you can imagine but still looked like new. A great product

-- D J Boulton from Beds UK

Whippet Coats
Dear Iain,
The coats just arrived and they are amazing! The fit on both is perfect, and the Witney one is just beautiful. Never thought I'd find myself looking forward to a Glasgow winter but Frank (the wee whippet) will certainly not get lost (or cold) in the sludge and snow now!
Best wishes, JH 

-- J H from Glasgow

Wax Cotton Whippet Coat

Wax jacket ordered late Sunday night came today Tuesday. Love it thanks x

-- EF from United Kingdom

Daxsi harness jacket
Thanks Iain for very swift delivery of Chips coat and harness . She has used them both and must be very snug and warm now. Getting daxsi stuff is impossible in pet shops but your made to measure service truly is a godsend. Thanks again.

-- Rachel Smith from Isle of Wight

Wax Cotton Whippet Coat
I would just like to let you that I am so pleased with the waxed whippet coat i ordered. It fits a treat and he looks really dapper in it, very well made. Will be ordering from you again.
Thanks again, CA, Coventry

-- C A from Coventry

Waterproof Dog Beds

Received my two waterproof dog beds today,absolutely thrilled with them perfect for the dog's next to the stable. Thank You. S.R.

-- SR from UK

Collar and Coat
Thank you so much for the beautiful collar and bed. I could not be happier.... Your pictures on your site really don't do your pieces justice, they are beautifully made.
Thank you so again...(he'll grow into the collar😄) 
Kind regards

-- VW from UK

Witney Terrier Coat
Thank you very much, there is snow on the ground so the terrier will be pleased to see it!
Lovely quality dog coat and 5* service! A pleasure to do business with you.
Kind regards, MS

-- MS from Aberdeenshire

Dog Coat
Good morning,
Just received Otto’s new coat and am so pleased with it. It has been beautifully made and the quality of the material is excellent. He looks a bobby dazzler in it!
Thank you 

-- D L from Lincoln

Daschund Coat
Thanks for sending the coat so quickly. I am delighted and have passed your details on to my mates with Dachshunds and small dogs already.
Kind regard,  A S 

-- A S from Norfolk

Tweed Coat

Bella loves her new coat. Packaging through to update on despatch has been excellent. Thank you. KD

-- KD

Whippet Coats

I would like to say thank you for the very quick delivery of two whippet coat and two whippet polo coat. Vinnie and Jo don't want there polo coat taken off in the house even though the heating is on. JP Lancashire

-- JP from UK

Wool Dog Coat
I just wanted to let you know that my dog has had her coat for a week now and it is the best thing for the cold weather. I wish I had known about the horse blanket/ coat a while ago...It keeps her nice and warm, and dry and my 14 year old border collie is happy as can be. I also ordered this on a Friday, and my goodness it was here the next day - which was Saturday and it was great. 
Thanks for such a great coat and great customer service

-- PK from Scotland

Great Customer Service
Ordered wax whippet coat but unfortunately I had ordered wrong size. I must say their customer service is exemplary. Returned coat Monday, they confirmed receipt Tuesday and sent out replacement. Delivered Wednesday! Great quality coat also. Very happy.

-- David Burke from Tyne and Wear

Extra Large Snuggle Bed
Bought a large snuggle bed about a month ago for our lurcher. It arrived very promptly and initially we were very pleased with it. However, two main issues. Firstly, and this is no reflection on the product at all, our lurcher cannot get to grips with crawling into it! We have spent ages with her, hiding toys and treats and burrowing into it ourselves to show her but she's having none of it! Not a problem, she's very comfortable on top of it. However, the second issue is a reflection on the product and is a show stopper for us. After a month of use it needs a wash. The cover isn't removable and the item isn't machine washable in a domestic washing machine, it is just too large to go in. It would need a very large or industrial machine to wash this item, so, regrettably it looks like it's off to the tip. A costly lesson learned.

-- Russell Webb from Winchester, UK

Whippet coats
Thank you very much for Stanley,Archie &Daisys coats arrived for Christmas perfect fit warm & waterproof all looking very smart Thank you once again. Would not hesitate to recommend you

-- Rita Nickolds from Uk

Bedlington Coat

Hi Iain

We ordered Sunday aftrernoon, arrived first thing Tuesday morning, that’s service. 

We have been looking for a wax jacket the right size and shape for “Jordie” our Bedlington Terrier ( at the large end of Bedlingtons ) as he is out in the woods/ fields or moorland most days but it not keen on the rain. We have tried several coats over the last four year’s but none have fitted like this one and it’s very well made too.

Will not hesitate to buy again

J and H F 


-- JF from Lancashire

Whippet Coats
Good Morning
Just wanted to say thank you for the for getting the whippets coats to me. They arrived yesterday and thanks to your advice, they fit perfectly. Both dogs very happy with their new coats.
See attached photo :-) 
PW, Derbyshire

-- PW from Derbyshire

Tweed Cushions

Dear Iain,

This is a little after the event but I just thought I’d drop you a quick email to say “thank you” for such an excellent service and great product ordered from you last month.

I was pleased to come across the cushions on your website and they have been a brilliant buy.  The pricing, particularly with a discount for a pair of cushions which was appreciated, makes them good value.  Your ordering process was straightforward and communication with progress of the order impressive.  The parcel was sent sooner than expected and was well packaged.

A few days after putting the cushions out we had a houseful of people, several of whom noticed them as soon as they came in and said how much they loved them, asking where I had bought them.

This was the first time I have ordered from you and hope to do so again soon based on this experience.

Thanks again, AH

-- AH from UK

My new blanket

Dear Mr Asher
                        Thank you for your message yesterday afternoon forecasting delivery of my new blanket.
It duly arrived earlier this afternoon, most beautifully packed.

Thank you so much for the most excellent service you and your firm have given in arranging this purchase of a new blanket.
If ever my wife or I hear of any friend complaining that they cannot find traditional quality blankets at acceptable prices, I shall have no hesitation
in recommending that they contact you at Friday Fox.

Thank you very much indeed.


-- J M B from England

Wax Dog Coat

Just to say thank you for the incredibly quick arrival of the wax coat for my lurcher.  I only ordered it yesterday! It fits beautifully.

Thank you for such good service.


-- SH from England

Daschund Coat


I would just like to say a huge thank you! My boy loves his coat and its fits him lovely :) It was delivered so quicky- what a fantastic service! We are so pleased with it and could not recommend Friday Fox highly enough!

Thank you once again, 

S.D. North Yorkshire

-- SD from North Yorkshire

Whippet Coats
Dear Iain 
Thank you for the speedy delivery of this superb coat. It is beautifully made and I loved how it was presented in tissue paper.
The website and payment were also very user friendly.
Kind Regards, AH

-- AH from Wiltshire

Greyhound Extreme Dog Coat

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased we are with the Greyhound Extreme jacket that we purchased from you recently. This is clearly a premium product in terms of fit and finish and has kept Sophie snug, warm and shiver free in the bitterly cold winds we have had recently.

We are also very appreciative of the excellent service you provided in terms of ensuring we got the right fit. It really was above and beyond what we expected or have experienced from anyone before. Many thanks & keep up the excellent work!

Kind regards, H.B

-- HB from London

Std.daxi waterproof coat
Brilliant, friendly and prompt service. So hard to get a proper fitting coat for a large std. daxi but this is ideal, goes right down along her back to her tail, fits neatly over her chest and is snug and warm. Daxis are well noted for not budging in bad weather but I shall be hauling her out in this cover. Many thanks.

-- R.Turner from Uk, Hants.

Whippet coat and collar
MIKA, the Whippet, says thank you for the amazing tweed coat and collar and the very quick delivery to Germany. Best wishes

-- Angelika from Germany

Whippet Coats
Hi Ian 
Just to say thanks for the quick turnaround of my whippet coat order!!
It's a lovely coat too and now we have a cosy whippet ; ) 
CV, Scotland

-- CV from Scotland

Tweed Super Soft bed

I must apologise for not having been in touch sooner but just wanted to say a big thank you. The tweed supersoft dog bed we ordered has been a huge hit with our jack russell, she is rarely out of it! Beautifully made, we could not be more pleased.

-- HB from Merseyside

Sheepskin gloves
Thanks Ian very pleased with my gloves! Hope to buy hat soon !

-- Julie jacobs from England


would like to add a picture to the testimonial I just sent, but I don't see any possibility for that?? Regards Hanneke Brand

-- Hanneke Brand from Sweden

Witney Horse Rug
Hello Iain, rug arrived safely and that card is superb! Thank you so much for making this a very easy and satisfying transaction - it is sincerely appreciated!
T in Australia

-- TF from Australia

Dog Coats
Hi Iain 
Goods received with thanks , just a note to say thankyou so much the dog and myself love her new coats and are very impressed with the quality of the coats and the  service  we have received 
Kindest regards and Merry Christmas 
JH  and Pippa(the dog )

-- JH from UK

Daxie coats˝
I have both the Newmarket and tweed dachshund coats, beautiful quality Excellent fit however prefer the wider strap on the tweed would rec. To any daxie owners

-- Bev Dodd from Staffordshire

Whipped coat
Just received 2 waxed cotton coats. Absolutely beautiful - very well made and they fit perfectly. Thank you for such a good product and your very efficient service.

-- Kathy from UK

Whippet Coats

Thanks so much for Toffees lovely new wax & newmarket wool coats and for such super service and delivery. Will be highly recommending you and most likely ordering more coats!! KL, England

-- KL

Whippet waterproof coat
Just wanted to say once again how fantastic your products and service are. This is the third coat we have ordered from you. Perfect in every way.

-- Michelle Ridler from UK

Dog Bed

This gorgeous bed has just arrived after only ordering it yesterday!!! Fantastic service and my new rescue Jack Russell loves it already. He hasn't tried his coat on yet but I will post pictures when he does 👍🏻😊 thank you Friday Fox 

-- A.E. from UK

Jack Russell Coat
"Dear Iain, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Jack Russell coat I ordered from you recently, it arrived very promptly and it fits my little dog perfectly - she looks very smart! I've now ordered another for my father's JR, I'm sure he too will be very pleased. Thank you for your good service. "

-- N W from Northampton

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